Proposed Great Oaks Water Co. rate increases

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We're definitely in a drought. Water conservation is necessary. However, should Great Oaks Water Company "surcharge" penalties (for not cutting your residential water use) be 200%?

Take the survey below by 5/29/15 to share your opinion, especially if you cannot attend a public meeting scheduled for May 29, 2015! Survey responses will be shared with the California Public Utilities Commission and local elected officials. You may also attend a public hearing on Friday, May 29, 2015, from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. at Centro Cristiano Casa de Fe, 20 Great Oaks Boulevard, Suite 100, San José, CA 95119, located in the same building as Great Oaks’ customer service center. Questions must be in writing and will be included in the record of the public hearing.
Great Oaks Water Company has proposed assessing "surcharge" penalties of 200% effective June 15, 2015. proposed are Drought Allocations for all customer classes based upon 70% of each individual customer’s 2013 water usage. Exceeding an assigned Drought Allocation will result in the imposition of a Excess Usage Surcharge in the amount of $4.6628 per hundred cubic feet (ccf) of water used in excess of the customer’s Drought Allocation. Surcharges under proposed Schedule No. 14.1 are in addition to all other charges for water used. Repeat violations may result in the installation of flow-restricting devices on services.The California Public Utilities Commission will conduct a thorough investigation of GOWC's request and may grant the utility's request in whole or in part, or may deny it
1. The plan is to NOT allow you to roll-over unused minimum Drought Allocation units. This means that you cannot apply an unused unit of water one month to the next month if you do not achieve a 30% reduction that next month. Should you be allowed to roll-over unused minimum Drought Allocation units?

2. If a resident does not decrease water use by 30%, how much of a "surcharge" penalty should the Great Oaks Water Company be able to add for the excess portion of water use?

3. If a resident decreases water use by more than 30%, should the Great Oaks Water Company be required to provide a discount for the portion of water use decreased below 30%?

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One comment

  • Albert

    what if residents could sell their unused Drought Allocations to heavy users…like schools can sell unused carbon credits to polluters…if this were the case, I could see GOWC charging an increasing rate year after year, but not 200% all in one year