Provide “Clean Neighborhoods” suggestion by 1/25

Juan Estrada is a member of the Clean Neighborhoods Transition Committee referenced in this news article. The committee will provide success metric recommendations to support city beautification by¬†mitigating and diminishing: Vehicle Blight, Graffiti, Trash in Public Spaces, Illegal Dumping, Code Violations, Weeds & Overgrowth. The Committee will meet three times. The presentation from the Committee’s meeting can be found¬†here. The second meeting will be held on 1/27/23. If you’d like to suggest a “success metric” to Committee member Juan Estrada for his consideration when developing his recommendation(s) to suggest to the Committee, please use the form below by 1159pm on 1/25/23.


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    6. What success metric(s) do you recommend for any of the following City of San Jose categories? Vehicle blight, Graffiti, Trash in public spaces, Illegal dumping, Code violations, Weeds & overgrowth, the 311 system? A success metric is a numeric goal. Here's an example of a success metric for education from the presentation: Improve standardized test scores among high school students by 10%