Community meeting: Illegal dumping at encampments


ALL SAN JOSE RESIDENTS ARE INVITED! Please join us on Wednesday, November 20th, at 630pm to hear information from San Jose City Council District offices regarding the crisis of insufficient funding for the Homelessness Response Team.


This special city-wide community session will be held at 630pm in the Community Room of the Alum Rock Library on Wednesday, November 20, 2019. This city-wide session will precede the regular “District 5 United” meeting, is hosted by city-wide residents, and is on the District 5 United agenda. The meeting may be video-recorded.

Park in the library parking lot or directly across the street in the James Lick High School parking lot.


A city-wide crisis exists. It is apparent that the illegal dumping at some sites is often unrelated to the unhoused individuals. Illegal dumpers appear to take advantage of the unhoused by dumping at the encampment(s). Illegal dumpers are victimizing both our neighborhoods and the unhoused.

As of 11/10/19, almost 600 online petitions have been submitted via email to the San Jose City Council, local county officials, local state representatives, the California Governor and the City of San Jose Homelessness Response Team.

The online petitions request that the Homelessness Response Team be provided with sufficient resources to be able to provide outreach within one business day. More info on the petition here. The online petitions are from residents city-wide.

Read the FAQ here.


All San Jose Council District offices, and the office of the Mayor, have been invited to send a representative to this special community meeting to provide information regarding this topic. Each council office will have an opportunity to provide information.

Neighborhood community leaders from all City of San Jose Council Districts have also been invited to attend.

Residents from throughout San Jose are being invited. This is your chance to show our Council that this issue a high priority.


As of 11/10/19, the following offices have indicated they will send a representative to the 11/20/19 meeting: District 5, District 9, District 10 and the office of Supervisor Cindy Chavez.

The committee organizing this meeting is still awaiting confirmations from District 1, District 2, District 3, District 4, District 6, District 7, District 8 and the Office of the Mayor. We are hopeful they will acknowledge the crisis indicated by hundreds of San Jose residents city-wide and choose to send a representative.


The information provided by Council Offices will be shared with the hundreds who submitted an online petition, about 4,000 San Jose residents who have engaged in past quality of life efforts, and via in every Council District. The information will also be posted at, with links distributed via social media, for reference by all San Jose residents.


If you haven’t yet submitted an online petition, do so now on this page.

Willing to help post information on or Facebook? Or to record a 15-30 second video before or after the meeting on 11/20/19? Contact

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