Online Petition for EMERGENCY Ordinance for Illegal Fireworks Use

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Your online petition to the San Jose Mayor and City Council requests that they enact an EMERGENCY ordinance similar to the one recently passed by the County to hold landowners responsible for fireworks discharged on their private property. The entire wording of the online petition is listed below the online petition.

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Wording included in online petition:

Dear honorable Mayor and Councilmembers,

In support of the Neighborhoods Commission, I urge you to pass an EMERGENCY ordinance to hold landowners responsible for the illegal use of fireworks in San Jose. Illegal fireworks are hazardous to life and limb, traumatic for pets and wildlife, and – in this time of extreme drought – an incredible fire danger.


At their 6/10/15 meeting, the San José Neighborhoods Commission heard officials from the San José Fire and Police Departments request the community’s assistance regarding the illegal use of fireworks. The Commission unanimously voted to issue a recommendation to the City Council.

I wholeheartedly support the Neighborhoods Commission’s recommendations. Specifically, I strongly urge the City Council to take further actions:
1. Enact an EMERGENCY ordinance similar to the one recently passed by the County to hold landowners responsible for fireworks discharged on their private property.
2. Utilize data of illegal firework use from prior years to predict “hot-spots” so that the Police can pre-plan areas for enhanced enforcement activities.
3. Since illegal fireworks are often also used on the days leading up to the event, the City should take strong enforcement action on those days to publicly demonstrate the intent to enforce the laws.
4. The City should utilize its full enforcement staff: rather than having the Police stretched too thin, augment them by using Fire Department staff, code enforcement, Community Service Officers, park rangers, etc. In many cases, a stern warning from a person in uniform and carrying a badge is sufficient, and the Police are available for backup in cases where it’s not.
5. Once the immediacy of the upcoming Fourth has past, the City Council can plan any additional measures needed for the other times throughout the year when illegal fireworks are likely.
The drought has created an extreme fire hazard and the City Council urgently needs to take action, including enacting an Emergency Ordinance to help deal with the situation.

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  • I already have heard very large explosions, due to illegal fireworks, in the Little Portugal Neighborhood. The Fourth of July will be a dangerous time.

  • Kathleen Sciba

    Pleas pass this ordinance immediately. Fireworks have already begun and we have several weeks before the Fourth of July celebrations.