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You're voice counts! Join almost 200 others! What should be included in a study of Opportunity Housing?

Dear San Jose community member: The City Council will be deciding whether to direct staff to further explore Opportunity Housing. This survey is an opportunity for San Jose residents to voice what should be included in a city staff exploration of "Opportunity Housing". 

Opportunity Housing could possibly allow duplexes, triplexes, and/or fourplexes in single-family neighborhoods. No Opportunity Housing policy is currently proposed and no details for such a policy have been decided. The decision to be made is whether to explore it and what that exploration should include. You may watch Opportunity Housing Information meetings here if you need more information.

Survey results will be shared with the City of San Jose Planning Department, City Council members, and online. Results will only be provided in aggregate; your personal information will not be shared or posted.

Should an exploration include the following elements:

1. Conduct a citywide community engagement effort.

2. Explore creating an affordable housing incentive.

3. Find an approach that would minimize displacement risk.

4. Consider additional restrictions for use of Opportunity Housing units as short term rentals.

5. Explore strategies to preserve historic areas and properties while allowing Opportunity Housing.

6. Include Opportunity Housing design standards that ensure that Opportunity Housing projects are designed to be compatible with existing neighborhoods.

7. Facilitate Opportunity Housing while maintaining the intent for Opportunity Housing to blend in with the existing neighborhood.

8. An in-depth environmental analysis.

9. Parking considerations.

10. Sewer considerations.

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12. REQUIRED: What is your zip code? Only responses from San Jose will be included.
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