Adelante Academy Parents Unite!

Adelante Parents Unite! Please take up to three steps below.

  1. You’re invited to a special parent meeting to brainstorm how to address pressing and urgent issues! Thursday, 1/25/24, at 6pm on Zoom. Zoom link:
  2. Join a new parent group for Adelante parents:
  3. Send an email to to sign up for future notices from Adelante Parents Unite!

About the first meeting and future meetings: Juan Estrada and Victoria Aguirre-Tejada invite all fellow parents to the first meeting intended to help unite parents to address issues/concerns/needs that otherwise would not be addressed. For example, how to help an Adelante family whose catering truck was damaged by criminals. Or should we do something about students who appear to lack jackets? Or maybe there’s student interest in an event that is outside the scope of PTA? Bring your questions, concerns, and ideas to this first special meeting.

About the Facebook group: This is a group for Adelante parents interested in collaborating with other Adelante parents to try to meet unmet needs. Which unmet needs? You will help identify them and you will choose how and when you will participate.

Where will funds would come from for the donation to PTA for parents who join the meeting? One of the volunteer parents helping organize the new group will be donating those funds to a PTA fundraiser.
Why are there unmet needs? Adelante Academy is a great school that parents love, but at times needs arise that require action by parents (not by the school). A parent group unfortunately did not exist to address them. This is no one’s fault. This is an opportunity. It’s time to begin seizing the opportunity.