Protect Our Parks

Parks and park funding in San Jose are at risk. City leaders, whether Council members or commissioners, need to hear from you to ensure their actions are consistent with your preferences. Below is some information regarding decisions made by City leaders and also actions you can take to ensure City leaders know your preferences.

How did your Council member vote on the proposal to reduce a primary source of park funding by 50%? Office of the Mayor; District 1; District 2; District 3; District 4; District 5; District 6; District 7; District 8; District 9; District 10.

Protect Park Funding: Take 30 seconds to use the form below to tell the City Council: Protect Our Parks! Reverse the Park Funding Cut!

Parkland Definition: Take 30 seconds to use this form to tell the San Jose City Council to ensure that the definition of parkland fully protects existing, under construction, and planned parks in the City of San José.