Park Pleasant: ‘Dumpster Day is Something They Really Want’

Nothing brings out Park Pleasant neighbors like a Dumpster Day.

“That’s the one time we get people out,” said Chris Clark of the Park Pleasant Neighborhood Association. “People have a good time. Dumpster Day is something they really want. “

It’s also, of course, a way for residents to make their yards, homes and neighborhoods cleaner and safer.

“Lots of people in my neighborhood might buy some stuff second hand, and when that goes, you can’t take it anywhere to be recycled,” Clark said.

Renting a dumpster can cost $300 to $515, according to neighborhood association members. Insurance for an event is $111, and permit fees are $35.

“If we didn’t get the CAP grant money, we wouldn’t have a dumpster day,” Clark said. “They just make the city a safe city and a good city if neighbors know each other.”

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